This is Why you MUST Vote for Trump

They threw everything at him except the kitchen sink during the first Presidential debate:

Broken microphone
A biased moderator
Hand signals between Hillary and Lester Holt
Hillary's earpiece
Notes in advance on Hillary's podium

and he still got his message across!

Each stop of the campaign, he fills rooms with supporters. Hillary's are almost empty except for paid actors. 

Mass media hates him. Then again, mass media was bought out by Hillary and her bud, George Soros, the man who destroys nations. Let's not forget the major players in the FBI, IRS and other appointees who are on the Clinton bandwagon. The powers that be quake in their shoes when he talks because they know he'll upset the status quo.

Which is why we have to vote for Trump. The proof is in the pudding - he doesn't need to rig speeches, buy out 'impartial' moderators and the media.

Hey, Hillary's group lobbed at him all sorts of things: racist, chauvinist, anti-Semite, Islamaphobe. The old saying is that if you throw enough shit on a wall, something will stick.

The man is teflon because he IS for the people. 

Wanna know why? 

He made his mark, his billions. He doesn't need to imitate Hillary's 30-40 years of underhanded corruption. All he wants is the legacy of being the best President. 

Because he IS for the people.

And this is from someone who doesn't like him.

# # #

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