Deplorable Me!


Goes to show that the rigged system can be beat - by the overwhelming support of the American people who came out in droves to vote! We're tired of the last eight years and Hillary would've continued to totally dissemble the U.S.

What we're left with is hope - that our infrastructure will be repaired, our medical insurance will no longer cripple us and ample job opportunities for all. 

I personally hope that the racial divisiveness borne out of the former administration will be healed and corrupt officials regardless of political party removed and placed where they belong - in the slammer. Illegal aliens are precisely that - illegal - and we should take a lesson from Mexico and use their laws.

Enough with funding our enemies, making our taxpayers fund illegals as well as all sorts of nonsense and punishing small business owners with regulations and fees so that they have to fold.

I look forward to less government so we no longer have our government as our largest employer and, honestly, the end of individual federal income tax, illegally put into place in the 1930's.

Perhaps I ask for too much. We shall see.

Now that Donald J. Trump is President, I guess my political posts will come to an end. 

UNLESS he disappoints me.

# # #

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