I Got A Post-Election Hangover

Only you can help this poor baby!

Now that the Presidential election's over, I have to address work, namely selling my books. I'm taking a page from this recent Presidential campaign and using every trick up my sleeve. In this case, guilt. 

If you don't buy my books, in particular the newest,  Amour Anarchy, a Memoir, my kitten may not have enough gourmet non-grain organic cat food to subsist. Can you live with that on your conscience?

To Purchase - Click Here

Even THE Mark Ruffalo purchased a copy. I didn't have to guilt him into it. Well, perhaps a little. It helps when I have tons of adorable kitten pics on my iPhone. Then again, a CELEBRITY eagerly purchased my book!

To Purchase - Click Here

If you still didn't purchase the book, note that Amour Anarchy, a Memoir, made it to the top 10 list of celebrity memoirs:

Hey - Midwest Book Review loved it! Read this 5-star review:

Armchair travelers and romance connoisseurs alike have a special treat in store. Amour Anarchy is the captivating, true-life story of a young woman finding love and wonder in the City of Lights, and a joy to browse from cover to cover. Highly recommended!

Margaret Lane

If this doesn't convince you, then, think of my kitten. 

You still have the opportunity to purchase Amour Anarchy, a Memoir HERE!

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