Draining the Swamp

Never knew that expression was in force back then as well.

Like the borg's "Resistance is futile" and the undead, Hillary Clinton never gives up. Mass media, purchased to the hilt to barrage us with fake news, tries to hoodwink us.

Yet, they don't succeed. Americans should NEVER be underestimated. We're not as dumb as she thinks.

And that's why Donald Trump was elected President.

Tenaciousness is a good trait unless you're a corrupt, evil, greedy, venomous monstrous woman determined to steam plow and/or murder anyone who gets in her way. Including close friends. 

Like a hydra, her tentacles are everywhere. The old saying - keep throwing things at the wall and sooner or later something'll stick - is applicable.

It makes me wonder whether Hillary is a Scientologist for her tactics outside of lies and character assassination recently include:

  • Threatening the electoral college to NOT vote for Trump. We're talking about death threats. 
  • Getting her buddy boys in the FBI & CIA to state unequivocally that Putin orchestrated the DNC hacking when it was the DNC's very own disenfranchised people who gave this information to a former British ambassador. He, in turn, passed it to Wikileaks. And Seth Rich, a DNC staffer paid the price by being murdered.

Note: By insisting that Russia meddled in American elections is like the pot calling the kettle black. Didn't Obama use the same tactics in Israel recently to discredit Bibi Netanyahu during his electoral campaign? 

One may ask why is she so determined to undermine Trump?

Answer: It gets people off her tail. Remember, according to Hillary, we're deplorable with short-term memories.

So far [a very condensed list], she got away with murder in Benghazi, the corrupt Clinton Foundation and, lastly, leaking top secret information. Understandably, total access was granted to her Chief of Staff {and lover}, Huma Abedin. However, this particular individual has close ties to her mother, the founder of the Muslim Sisterhood as well as friends in Saudi Arabia. Don't tell me information was not relayed.

We call this treason. 

Americans are smart enough to navigate through the fog and mirrors of deceit perpetrated by mass media to throw us off the scent. 

But, we should NEVER be underestimated regardless of being deplorable.

# # #

PS: If she insists that the election was rigged, then why did she win the popular vote???

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