It's That Wonderful Time of the Year

Politically incorrect gingerbread men

As I stated in my new critically-acclaimed novel, Amour Anarchy, a Memoir:

I'm perverse. The more someone pushes me to do something, the more likely I'd do the opposite.

That's the thematic code of my life. Meaning, advice from idiots have propelled me to prove them wrong. Which is a terrific motivational tool as is revenge. 

Over the past eight years I've incrementally removed the cloak of political correctness in my interactions. America has gone overboard. Not as bad as in Swedistan and Germanisbad. Still, we're not that far behind.

Consider our reluctance to say "terrorist" or the dreaded phrase, "Muslim Terrorist." Instead, we call it workplace violence although the murderers shouted "Allah Akbar." 

What about the big big issue of transgender bathrooms?



Our economy has tanked, unemployment almost 30% (yes!), Obamacare creating obamacide and best of all, having had a homicidal traitor running for President who, like the undead, keeps cropping up.

Yet, all we can think about is the poor man with a dick who identifies as a woman to use a woman's lavatory.

For that Transgender in your life
(If you peer closely, it has a dick and tits)

WTF is wrong with us?

Now that we have a new President, things'll change. Chicks with dicks will not be our major concern. Rather, TPP, discrimination against Israel and Jews in the UN, our economy, illegal aliens, drug traffickers and corruption will be addressed.

Best part of all, it's now okay today to say -


# # #

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