My MacBook Air 11" is Possessed by Dem/on/s

And you wonder why they discontinued this model?

There's a definite link between my MacBook Air 11" and my well-being. 


Despite numerous problems and the back and forth with Apple, I love it to pieces. It's small enough to slide into a pocketbook, thin as a wafer and weighs a mere pound.

And, when it works, it works!

However, my body goes out of wack in tandem with the laptop. 

It all started when I purchased the damn thing on January 2, 2011. One month later it was subjected to a liquid spill and repaired by Apple. Two weeks later, I immediately lost hearing in my right ear.  I was then introduced to tinnitus as well as that rare weird neurological condition, hyperacusis.

In hindsight, it was a punishment.

Like the 10 plagues of Passover, I came down with something each time the MacBook Air 11" did. Let me tell you, as strange as what I came down with, the associated problems with my laptop were even stranger.

In fact, my complaints about the problems with my MacBook Air 11" to the corporate office are a testimony to my physical challenges at that moment. They must think I'm lying or a lunatic or both.

Just the other day I phoned as a follow up to my original call four months' earlier. The last time I had my battery replaced in April 2015, the Apple guy did something to the laptop. As a result, the entire hard drive had to be refurbished. Then, the replacement battery went dead a year and a half later. I didn't mind replacing the battery; I just wanted to know why it didn't last.

Upon reflection, the past four months have been rife with medical issues including back to back surgeries, a broken ankle with two plates and seven bolts as well as food allergies.

Not only that, but in front of two home health care nurses and one aide, the handlebar of the knee walker broke. I rely upon this item because I can't put any weight on my left leg. Only good luck kept me from catapulting over it and breaking another limb. Having the good luck to have three credible witnesses, I engaged in a rather heated and bizarre conversation with the people at the medical orthopedic company with the motto, "Looking for some friendly support?" because they refused to help, allowing that I should risk my well-being with a broken product. They even insisted that I, non-ambulatory, should bring their product in.

Before any more time elapses, I better get that battery changed.

It may also explain why Apple discontinued the model.

# # #

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