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2nd Edition !!
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Had no idea how productive I've become the past eight or so weeks. That's because I broke my ankle and have 8 bolts in one plate (that looks like two in the x-ray). Only now, now that the cast has been removed, I'm quasi-ambulatory with a black boot and a walker. 

The good part is that I didn't put tennis balls on the bottom two legs of the walker.

The bad part is that I'm a menace with an electric cart, smacking into people, knocking over displays. Finding it hilarious, I have yet to apologize. Remarkably, people join in.

Everyone needs a good laugh.

For that reason, I've put Secrets & Seduction by Cheri Blossum on Kindle! 

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eBooks have developed over the years where formatting now resembles the paperback. Since I'm a stickler for formatting, I'm glad the technology has caught up.

Which means my other books will be added to Kindle. 

For those of you who only read ebooks, join the fun and purchase mine. Everyone needs a good laugh.

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