This Explains Everything!

North and South Poles will Switch in our Lifetime!

My friend, Laslo, sent me links to several online magazines about how the Earth's magnetic poles will flip in our lifetime.

Well, that just about explains everything. It accounts for why up is down and down is up - people lost their moral and mental compass. Women wear pussy hats in the name of reproductive rights, yet mute about clitordectomies and rapes by Muslim men throughout the world. Gays are quiet when it comes to Sharia Law which means self-hatred and suicidal tendencies. 

A Muslim, non-American and gay ex-President and his husband along with a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and George Soros set up a shadow government to impeach our wonderful new President. Obamacide was the worst President this country ever had - anti-semitic and Communist. He single-handedly destroyed our economy, shredding our small businesses with insurmountable regulations. He couldn't pronounce "Jerusalem" and thought "workplace violence" was a reasonable substitute for "Islamic terrorism". His affordable health care was laughable if it weren't for how it destroyed families and their access to medical insurance. Let's not forget that he made our borders porous to allow entry to anyone and, to top it off, financially supported them to the taxpayers' demise. In fact, illegal aliens had, under this President, more rights than legal citizens. He did, however, install the terrorist organization, Muslim Brotherhood, into every corner of our government, especially Homeland Security to even things out.

Due to the change in magnetic poles, American Liberals support him. Those are most affected by the imbalance which explains why they're deemed mentally ill by veteran psychologists. It may explain why they tried to destroy President Trump during his campaign by insisting he hated women whereas they supported former President Clinton who was a known rapist. Now, they're trying to say Trump's newly appointed Attorney General had meetings with Russians. Yet it's okay that Hillary Clinton sold uranium to the Russians in return for "contributions" to her charitable organization.

As I mentioned before, up is down and down is up. Or, what's good for the goose is not for the gander.

I also read that the magnetic field which surrounds the planet has cracked, making us vulnerable to cosmic radiation. Perhaps that had already occurred in the uber-liberal governments of Swedistan, Germanbad, Islamafrance, Belgihad to name a few. Luckily, under the Caliphate, that liberalism will disappear soon.

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Greg Malakoff said...

This really does sum up the insane hypocrisy of the left quite nicely, yet there is nothing nice about them at all. Kind of gives bi-polar a new meaning.

Federico Caisser said...

Love your logic. So true.