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If it weren't for Paul Joseph Watson (youtube personality, radio host and editor of, I would never have known that I was cool. Like, super cool.

It's not because I'm tattooed and pierced, it's not because I wear strange clothes at my advanced age and do even stranger things (which I really don't want to disclose here), it's simply because I'm openly conservative. Well, I never considered myself 'conservative' - rather, I practice COMMON SENSE and blogged about it for the past five years. Even when it wasn't deemed cool or safe during the Obama years. When dissension would lead to IRS audits, wiretapping and worse, if Killary (oops! Hillary Clinton) got involved. 

I'm proud to say the DOD, Congress, FBI and other government agencies have hit this blog over the years. Perhaps they might learn something. For example:

  • There's a difference between an ILLEGAL alien and a LEGAL one.
  • Taking care of ILLEGAL aliens on the taxpayers' dime is not kosher.
  • The capital of Israel is Jerusalem.
  • Muslims did NOT play any significant role in this country unless it's terrorism.

Paul Joseph Watson's video gave me the validation I needed. Never for jumping on the bandwagon, I stand my ground. As an artist, I'm committed to the truth as painful as it is. For that's the role of an artist - not to be a sheeple, but to question, delve, explore and create. 

For all this, I feel vindicated. Finally.

BTW - you should REALLY read my books. They're funny.

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