A Rant about Lunatic Liberal Fringes - NEW VIDEO!!

And this is precisely what I'm up against!

In comparison to Paul Joseph Watson, my rants are tepid.

As stated numerous times in this blog, I'm a magnet for the lunatic fringe. Strangely enough, they're all believers of freedom of speech unless, of course, you don't agree with their politics. Then, you're a racist, Islamophobe and hater of such magnitude that you should be obliterated, meaning killed.

I'm talking about liberals. You know, those who want to impeach our President because, well because. Shit, I have no idea why since they never seem to make any sense. The President hasn't broken any laws, he follows the Constitution and he isn't in it to further his or his friends or family's fortunes. Unlike previous presidents. (Notice the plural?)

This is what happens when you don't drink the Koolaid and fall in line with mass hypnosis. Like the videos above where people chant "Nazi" to someone who believes in freedom of speech and the other where the symbol of repression for women is now being touted as feminism. If you can't be manipulated in that way, the undead got your number and follow you to induce mindlessness out of fear of well-being.

This is the tactical method the Islamics use while taking over Europe, Australia, South America and pretty soon the US. Taking advantage of our stupidity not to see the forest for the trees and our sheeplike fear of being condemned for not being 'open-minded' aka our tolerance for the intolerant.

I'm sick of it. I'm sick of being muzzled, challenged and denigrated simply because I don't agree. I'm not a rabid Republican - I'm simply a believer of common sense. Honestly, that went out the window when political correctness became de rigueur. 

I provide two recent examples:

At a pop up flea market the other day, I quietly stood at my post selling my comedic novels when a woman approached me. She had this quirky facial tic where she spun her head around and flapped her lips around until her shrill voice caught up.

"Do you have Tourette's syndrome?" I politely asked, not understanding a single thing coming out of that mostly mossy maw.

"Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-t's that?" she managed to blurt out as if she were unable to focus.

With squinted eyes, I peered at this creature and observed deep wrinkles, matted hair, nails bitten to the quick. Sadly, I stood downwind to get a dose of its perfume - stale booze. "This here is Trump country," I was finally able to discern.

Oh boy, was she wrong. Then it dawned on me. The common misconception that a novelist is a liberal. Meaning, I believe in so-called 'liberal' concepts like freedom of speech, equality, gay rights, health care for American citizens, but I do draw the line. Pandering to men going into women's bathrooms because they feel a little feminine is not my thing. Whose brilliant idea was to make this a national issue? Look, anything with a dick is a man. Period.

What's with this hatred of whites? Perhaps every person should take a DNA test. I did. It was illuminating. What percentage of white is white? 100%? 10%? That may change a lot of attitudes. It may also help push people into the ovens, but I digress. 

 "Fuck," I said to myself. "She's gonna go on a soapbox and not purchase any of my books."

Sure enough, she started ranting about idiotic Trumpers, innocent Hillary and how our government is good for us. Triumphant, she choked out, "After all, I wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for seat belts and the regulations that made them legal." 

In my humble opinion, another reason why big government should be dismantled.

I laughed. "Listen, I like the man. He'll be a fine President."

"Well, what has he done for you to like him," she challenged.

At that moment, I shut up for this is not the conversation I wanted to get in with an alkie who more than likely would turn violent. Besides, she had no intention of buying my books.

Which reminds me of a recent incident where another violent person challenged me. This time at a breakfast spot. I sat at the counter eating with my laptop open for writing. Outside of the owner, no one else was there. This guy sat down, ordered coffee and opened his trap to pontificate about how Trump was equivalent to Hitler.

"Fuck," I said to myself. "I don't want to engage in this kind of conversation. And there's no reason why I have to listen to him. I do have rights as well."

"Listen," I said to him. "Nothing you or I will say to each other will change each other's minds. You can blow it out your asshole for all I care, but I prefer not to talk politics."

He went ballistic. Luckily, he tossed two soiled dollar bills on the counter and walked out shrieking curses about me.

To end this rant, all I can say is that at least I have the blog to express my political views. I don't need to collar people trying to make a living or enjoying a quiet meal. My books are sheer entertainment and should only offend those who have no sense of humor.

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Greg Malakoff said...

Maura, excellent and I feel your pain.