Premonitory or Just Plain Observant?

Back while working on Wall Street, before computers in offices, I was known for my 'predictive' skills. Meaning, I analyzed companies and was very very good at determining how they would perform in the upcoming year(s). It was relatively easy as annual reports were then written simply and all one needed was to focus and think. 

In light of on-going terrorism in France, I postponed publishing Amour Anarchy, a Memoir. Until I realized that the French had no intention of stopping terrorism in their country as evinced by the recent landslide election of Macron. 

It's a train wreck and watching Macron and Merkel and so on is painful.

Amour Anarchy describes France (and Europe) in the early 1970's before the Muslim invasion. For that's what happened to Europe several centuries ago, causing the Dark Ages which lasted hundreds of years. Pretty soon Europe will plunge into a new Dark Ages, one from which they will not escape or emerge. Be prepared to see all those beautiful historic and art works destroyed from the Lascaux cave to the Louvre museum, women in burkas (and cliterodectomized) and a new national sport - pushing gays off the Eiffel Tower.

Amour Anarchy, romantic, nostalgic and charming also has a background theme of terrorism, anti-semitism and the start of the Muslim invasion. Written prior to the new Europe. It was relatively easy to predict; all I needed was to focus and think.

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