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Author Maura Stone Inducted in National Bathroom Readers' Hall of Fame

Award-winning novelist, Maura Stone, known for her comedy & ability to clear a room in 10 seconds, now has the dubious distinction as first Inductee in National Bathroom Readers' Hall of Fame.


Award-winning comedy author, Maura Stone,
was inducted in the National Bathroom Readers’ Hall of Fame to commemorate National Bathroom Reading Month. “We didn’t want to flush Five-Star FLEECING down the drain with the other crap," stated the foundation’s director, Jeffrey Spritz. “Instead, we stayed on the throne for days until we finished!”

Ms. Stone’s first novel, Five-Star FLEECING, won several awards, notably the 2011 National Indie Excellence Award for Comedy along with critical acclaim from the Midwest Book Review which gave a ringing endorsement. Ms. Stone gushed,“I’m thrilled Five-Star’s so well regarded. Can they say the same for my edating comedy?”

Since then, Ms. Stone relaunched eDating the Old School
Way, a LOL ROFL parody of edating advice, a compilation of six books. The first, Men, eDating and Mast*****ion, was originally yanked off the bookshelves because Ms. Stone used the word, “mast*****ion,” in its entirety. “I learned a lesson from that,” said Ms. Stone, “I should’ve named it: _*!#%&^(^^#*)&.” Overnight, the book became the darling of the internet and an underground hit. “Since its release, the proportion of my online stalkers has grown exponentially,” said Ms. Stone. “Sadly, very few people will get the literary allusions,” she addede, “although they’ll tear a gut out laughing. Or mast*****ing.”

Over the years Ms. Stone wrote a significant amount of articles and awards to justify the nomination. In particular, Secrets & Seduction under her evil alter-ego's name, Cheri Blossum which won Best Erotica of 2015. "Talk about shock!" she said. "It has to be the filthiest, sickest comedy I ever wrote! Who knew it was that well written?"

Lastly, her new novel, Amour Anarchy, a Memoir, received critical acclaim from none other than the Midwest Book Review.

During the ceremony held in the women’s street-level bathroom at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City, Ms. Stone was handed an aluminum statue of Rodin’s Thinker perched on a toilet, book on his lap. “I’ll treasure it always,” she stated to the director, two bathroom attendants and one tourist stuck in a stall.

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