This is What Happens When One Thinks Too Much...

This past winter, stuck in the cabin for three months due to a shattered ankle and subsequent surgeries, I had a lot of time on my hands to think.

And to watch strange internet tv shows.

Perhaps it's cabin fever, but I've come to the conclusion that our existence is a virtual reality game. I've felt this way for a long time, but what really became evident, stuck in a cottage during winter, isolated, unable to move around, is that we're part of a science experiment that went awry.

What if the being(s) that created us decided to throw in a little sociological experiment. Like, create an ideology where the end result is always the same: kill kill kill. Like it extols the virtue to kill women, gays, transgenders, children, animals, pets, Jews, liberals, Catholics, Buddhists, Democrats, Hindus and other sects of that ideology? To round out the ideology, there are other facets, e.g., pedophilia, bestiality and genital mutilation, but that's the upside.

It's almost like an array of jokes which have the same punchline. 

Now, what if that crazy ass ideology spread like wildfire throughout humanity because people went nuts and stupid at the same time. And anyone who opposes this kill kill kill ideology is then deemed a prejudicial racist and subjected to all sorts of humiliation, torture, prison and, of course, death. And women, gays, transgenders, children, Jews, liberals, Catholics, Buddhists, Democrats, Hindus and other sects of that ideology support, tolerate and finance those kill kill kill lunatics?   

It's almost a joke if it weren't so sick. 

There's a philosophy that Gaia, our planet, has created viruses and bacteria to combat our intrusions onto its soil and air and water. What if it's a sickness of the mind that is so pervasive that we have no choice, but to annihilate each other out of respect for the kill kill kill ideology? How about one step further - an acceptance of suicide because one race feels guilty that it was born that race? And blind obedience to the kill kill kill ideology and self-hatred and guilt which, in turn, leads to suicide?

What if we're in a Petri dish where the being(s) that created us introduced these kind of sicknesses to see what would occur? Or, the being(s) who created this virtual reality decided to add these parameters to make the game more fun?

Because, honestly, I don't understand what's going on. It's too bizarre to make any sense outside of this virtual reality concept. 

# # #

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