Grandstanding as usual

I joined a writer's FB group where they discussed pricing to words written. Considering how difficult it is to sell books (as opposed to pharmaceuticals, alcohol, strippers and tobacco), I put in my two cents:

I find it easier to sell my first novel as a unique doorstopper. I make more money that way.

That's when it hit me - Why not sell these books as doorstoppers? Now, that's a unique idea. 

The two books I recommend are:

Five-Star FLEECING and Amour Anarchy, a Memoir due to sheer size and weight.

Mind you, these books also pack a wallop. You can even put them on your bedside table and an unsuspecting crook won't even know what hit him!

They're also portable and can add volume to suitcases, briefcases and handbags. Just in case. 

Lastly, you can sit back and even crack them open and [gasp!] read them.

Take it from my new cat, Warren (Pookie was run over by a neighbor in front of my house), multi-functional doorstoppers are the newest strategic marketing tools. You can see by his enthusiasm that he agrees.

Always get a pet who fits in with the color scheme.

Readily available on Just look me up at: for more info.

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