It's Not Fake, It's True!!

Kirsten Gillibrand
Anti-Semite, Anti-Trump and Hillary Lover

My friend, Denise, posted on FB today the most biased survey from Gillibrand. I honestly thought it was a parody. 

It isn't. You gotta see this to believe it:

Ohhh, it gets much better:

The woman's up for re-election. To cater to her constiuents, she withdrew her support (and as co-sponsor) of proposed leglisation to extend the reach of an existing law. The law at present prohibits commercial cooperation by US businesses with boycotts of Israel called for by foreign countries. Under the new proposal, it will outlaw commercial cooperation of anti-Israel boycotts called for by international organizations, e.g., the U.N.

The woman is a duplicitous bitch.

Getting back to the survey, she is, to quote Paul Joseph Watson, a FUCKING IDIOT to have such a survey. Because it's not A FUCKING SURVEY

It's more of the libtard rhetoric. 

Not only is the content disgraceful - it demonstrates that she believes her constiuents are mental midgets and require their vitriol to be spoonfed regardless of the truth. Otherwise they may not vote for her.

This last one takes the cake:

Should anyone take this survey and donate any money to her, well, either they have:

  1. Tertiary stages of syphilis
  2. Frontal lobotomy
  3. Keen hatred of Jews 
  4. Severe dementia from too much drug abuse
  5. All of the above.
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Denise said...

YES! Thank you for taking my facebook timeline comment about this bogus survey from the state senator and exposing what a crock of shit it is. And she has the nerve to ask for a donation? I would like to be a fly on the wall in her NY office when she sees my email to her about the "survey". If one of her peeons reads it, I hope it gets passed on to the bitch :-)

Maura Stone said...

More than likely she'll add it to the other "hater" comments. Any constructive criticism with these people only means that you're a racist, homophobic and islamophobic misogynist. In her case, she can't call you an anti-Semite because she holds that esteemed position.