Infomercial Time!

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Precious Are the Few

I just couldn't pass this one up. My good friend, Daniel Gal, sent me an email. Let me tell you, it was so appropriate to everything I feel right now, I just had to post it here:

It Ain't Gonna Get Better Under Obamacare

So, you're telling me, Doc, that waking up like a Stegosaurus monster from Andromeda is due to stress?

Guest Post - Sex from Both Sides

Sex From Both Sides

Dating Advice with John Powers & April Brucker

I was honored to be a guest writer on the popular dating advice blog, Sex from Both Sides. This is a big fucking deal. April Brucker and John Powers are the next generation of comedians - young, smart, savvy, worldly. Oh yes, funny as hell. 

In wake of American media rattling the cages of racial discord (right after their success with Gun Control and the 2nd Amendment which now is greeted by yawns), John asked me to write something about interracial dating. The man must have a death wish.

I stated, "Do I have a story for you!"

The only caveat is that it couldn't exceed 300 words. That's a haiku in my world.

And here we go: