Rules of Social Media - Who Knew?

Let me tell you, I'm a magnet for lunatic fringes. Too bad they don't buy my books, I would be rich.

My Reading on Freedom: Blog Fodder

As previously mentioned, I participated in a community group of free story-tellers. The topic for this month is Freedom. Plus, we had to add lyrics to a song.

Where We Left Off with Merrill Lynch

Link to Merrill-lynch-do-you-really-need-188.html

Where we left off: Maura tried to pry her remaining $188 from a trust fund in Merrill Lynch, yet they put the kabosh on her. According to their Due Diligence and Compliance Departments, they claimed to have never received mandatory documentation, namely her mother's death certificate to allow for the release of her monies, 13 years after she had already drained the tiny account. Liars!

Food for Thought

Before the word "organic" seeped into our collective consciousness, I was into the health food kick. I've always eaten healthy, way healthier than my colleagues and friends. As a matter of fact, every guy I dated was amazed at the proportion of vegetables I had vis-a-vis meat.

Why I Got Fired as a Volunteer from an NPR Satellite

Imagine this large enough to fit in a shoebox & there you have it!

Ça ne Vaut Pas la Peine to Pay for Online Services

Each time I receive an email crowing about a new linkedin connection endorsement, I shudder in anger. Because I'm endorsed in my former profession: banking.

Country Life Ain't What It Used to Be!

I truly wanted to put in a funny post, but shit happened and because of these people, you, dear Readers, will have to suffer through another one of my rants.

Country Living by Thomas Kinkade Link: Art of the South

3 Easy Ways to Deal with Difficult Coworkers

I love contributing my two cents to online articles. I figure, why not? This particular comment I added a year ago...

Navigating the Realm of Possibility

The other day I went through boxes of crap I stored years ago and came across this pic taken in my apartment in 1984:

To the right: The Original Gizmo that was used in the movie, "Gremlins" 

Nine Lives of a Cat

Last year I decided to take the broken extension ladder and go on the roof to clear off discarded tree limbs from the massive elm hanging overhead. This was no major feat. Several years earlier, I shattered my right ankle which led to a 5" plate and 6 bolts. Trusting in my surgeon's reputation and integrity, I had no idea he placed illegal snap action bolts instead of screw-ins, resulting in a cancerous tumor on my ankle. A tumor that resembled a 3" dick fully erect, competing with my then-lover's.

Someone, Please Hold Me Back!!!

Work done by Zombiecore
WTF is wrong with people today? I'm not talking about the youngsters; I'm talking about people around my age, in their 50's. Are they trying to emulate the youth of today or only now do I see them for the morons they truly are?

19 Eyelashes

Not a flattering pic of me at 16 with only 19 eyelashes

A life with 19 eyelashes is no picnic. 19 eyelashes in aggregate which accounts for all the things that flew into my eyes: I had no line of first defense.

The BEST of 2012 - Your INPUT is Required!

Dear Readers:

While cringing in shame, I reviewed my blog posts since inception in April 2012. I really do need an internal filter. Well, I believe these 10 posts constitute the BEST I ever wrote. When I write, "BEST," it's quite subjective. So much to choose from which goes to show I really do need a hobby.