USPS and UPS, Hell’s a Poppin’ All Over the Place!

Trying to get my package delivered from the Einsteins at UPS and USPS is like pulling out my front teeth with a rusted wrench. It ain’t gonna happen.

Delivery Confirmation Information
Delivery Confirmation Number: 14203975-80123568-5124
Date/TimeEvent NameLocation
02 Jan 2014 11:45Package processed by Post OfficeKEARNY, NJ
02 Jan 2014 11:44Package processed by Post OfficeKEARNY, NJ
31 Dec 2013 22:35Package processed by Post OfficeWHITE PLAINS, NY
31 Dec 2013 08:36Package forwarded to address on fileKINGSTON, NY
31 Dec 2013 08:35Package en route for deliveryKINGSTON, NY
31 Dec 2013 08:33Received by the local post officeKINGSTON, NY
26 Dec 2013 19:15Shipment Acceptance at PONEWBURGH, NY
26 Dec 2013 14:07Shipment Info Received by Post OfficeNEWBURGH, NY
Dec 26 2013Package transferred to Post OfficeMID-HUDSON, NY
Dec 26 2013Ready for post office entryWindsor, CT
Dec 26 2013Package received by dest MI facilityWindsor, CT
Dec 24 2013Package transferred to dest MI facilityUrbancrest, OH
Dec 23 2013Package processed by UPS MIUrbancrest, OH
Dec 23 2013Shipment information received
Dec 23 2013Package received for processingUrbancrest, OH